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Base & Top

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SMOKE | Smoke Matte TopCHICAPILIT matte top for gel polish is a hit of our brand. Real velvet on the..

BASE #1 (Classic base for gel polish) 10ml

BASE # 1 | Base # 1 Classic base for gel polishA classic base of medium density, which even a beginn..

BASE # 3 (Thick base for gel polish) 10ml

Base # 3 Thick base for gel polishBase number 3 is our thickest transparent base. Self-leveling and ..

SUPER GLOSSY TOP ( without sticky ) 10ml

 Super Glossy Glossy top without a sticky layer. If it’s hard for you to work with thick t..

ATTIC Top Coat 10ml (sticky layer)

Attik is a classic finish of medium density. It has a rubber base, is easily leveled and does not nu..

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