Gel-polish №С12 Elizabeth, 8 ml

Gel-polish №С12 Elizabeth, 8 ml

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If a woman has impeccable style, it never goes unnoticed. She will certainly be admired, inspiring and cherished. The sense of style and the desire to be the best ultimately brought up the names recognized all over the world. Patrisa Nail devoted the new brightest, most radiant and the most luxurious three-step gel-polish series Cosmopolitan to the fashion icons of the 20th century, to the women who managed to reinvent themselves, create an inseparable tandem of image and name. The stunning sparkling shades of the Cosmopolitan line-up evoke the boldest and catchiest styles and make you feel special. Any of the shades of the Cosmopolitan series by Patrisa Nail is the key to the fashion universe hosted by the greatest women of our time!

Color Pastel pink
Density Dense
Effect Glossy
View Three-phase
Volume 8ml

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