Gel-polish №334, 8 ml

Gel-polish №334, 8 ml

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We present the new Avant-garde three-step gel-polish series. It is notable for rich and deep color, bright glitter and ease of use. Popular shades, selected with global fashion trends in mind will make this line-up your undisputed favorite. 

After the standard preparation of the nails, remove the gloss with a buffer, degrease the nails, apply the base coat for gel-polish and cure in the lamp according to the instructions. Without removing the sticky coat from the base, apply 1 or 2 layers of Avant-garde gel-polish series and cure each coat in UV/LED lamps for 2 min. and 30 sec. respectively. Without removing the sticky coat from the pigmented gel pilosh, cover ith with the top. Cure in lamp acording to instructions.

Color Gray-brown
Density Dense
Effect Glossy
View Three-phase
Volume 8ml

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