Gel-polish Caramel and Cream №619 Mont Blanc, 8 ml

Gel-polish Caramel and Cream №619 Mont Blanc, 8 ml

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 Your nail job is something that will easily show your mood! Spring fresh, airy and in charming pastel colors, this is the manicure of a girl with dreams! Don’t stop fascinating with your lightness and beauty, and the new Patrisa Nail three-step gel-polish series is your sidekick in this endeavor. Caramel and Cream is in the spirit of the French sweet cuisine’s honored traditions. Air Parfait, juicy Savarin and other appetizing shades of the line-up are ‘dietary’, harmless for your figure and extremely helpful in keeping a fresh vernal tone. Twelve inspiring and infinitely gentle Caramel and Cream shades are the absolute favorites of this spring!

Color Pastel green
Density Dense
Effect Glossy
View Three-phase
Volume 8 ml

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