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Degreser, 100 ml

This liquid serves to degrease and dehydrate the nail plate prior to subsequent building (before glu..

Nail Prep 8 ml

Very powerful dehydrator, an indispensable component for preparing natural nails, notwithstanding th..

Polish Remover, 100 ml

Acetone-free polish remover liquid is used for gentle erasion of the lacquer from natural and artifi..

Sanitizer spray, 100 ml

Sanitizer spray for hands and tools. Suitable for all types of metals and plastic. Is used for disin..

Acid-free primer 8 ml

This acid-free primer provides delicate adhesion of the artificial material with the natural nail. S..

Disinfectant Fluid, 100 ml

A disinfectant liquid for the palms and instruments efficient against gram-negative and gram-positiv..

Acid Primer 8 ml

This acid primer is indispensable in nail modeling. Provides a powerful grip of the artificial mater..

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